New visit to VERDO CHP plant in Randers, Denmark

Henrik Kjeldsen and Helena Strauss (DTI), Bayan Tallawi and Eric Georgin (CETIAT), Jens Ole Hougaard (VERDO)

VERDO’s CHP plant in Randers provides heat and power to the town of Randers, Denmark. Its main fuel is wood chips, which generally have a high-water content (about 40%) and significant variation (10-60%).

Figure 1. VERDO’s CHP plant in Randers.

The BIOFMET project members from DTI and CETIAT first visited this plant in January 2022, as reported here. The objective of the first visit was to consider the physical and practical aspects of the plant to plan measurements, design calibration methods and construct reference instruments.

In October 2022, the BIOFMET project members from DTI and CETIAT returned to the Randers’ CHP plant to carry out an industrial test of different methods for water-content measurement on the main fuel used in the plant (solid fuel). Prior to the visit, DTI had prepared a special batch of solid-biofuel samples for the test and calibration campaign. Also, a new multiband transfer standard for water-content measurements developed by CETIAT was tested and characterized in the laboratory at DTI.

At the VERDO’s facility, CETIAT’s transfer standard was tested in an industrial environment and the MW system of VERDO was calibrated to provide reliable measurements. The reference method for water content developed at DTI made it possible to obtain the SI traceability of the measurements.

Figure 2. Bayan Tallawi and Eric Georgin, from CETIAT, carrying out the industrial tests.

Figure 3. The calibration of the MW-system at the belt transporting wood chips to the boilers.