The main impacts of this project are:
- Improved quality control of liquid and solid biofuels;
- Comparability of measurements;
- Improved operation, efficient use of the fuel, lower consumption and minimalized emissions;
- Fair trade.

Besides the impact on industrial and other user communities, BIOFMET will also have a significant impact of the metrology and scientific communities, on the relevant standard and also long-term economic and environmental impacts.


  • Impact on industrial and other user communities

    This project will have impact on both producers of liquid and solid biofuels and users of these products, e.g. powerplants. In both cases traceability and documentation of product …

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  • Impact on the metrology and scientific communities

    New advanced measurement standards for accurate determination of the calorific value of solid and liquid biofuels will be established, and new reference materials for the determina…

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  • Impact on relevant standards

    The earliest impact of the project on standards will be at the level of sampling (EN ISO 18135:2017) as well as the determination of moisture (EN ISO 18134:2015-1,2 and ISO 12937:2…

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  • Long-term economic, social, and environmental impacts

    The development of the new methods, technology and knowledge will have impact on climate and environmental protection. This is desired as the EU is aiming for a 40% cut in greenhou…

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