Impact on the metrology and scientific communities

New advanced measurement standards for accurate determination of the calorific value of solid and liquid biofuels will be established, and new reference materials for the determination of the calorific value, ash and impurities will be made available. This will in short term allow for intercomparing calorimetric facilities at NMI level with an uncertainty not obtainable today. In the long run, uncertainties within this field will be improved at European stakeholders, where - today - differences demonstrated in round robins are pronounced.

A new SI traceable method will be developed and implemented enabling the calibration of portable XRF instruments that are used in industry.

Two new transfer standards for water content in materials will be developed in the project together with new calibration facilities traceable to the SI and for the first time online moisture measurement equipment will be able to be calibrated directly traceable to the SI.

To support calibration methods such as advanced data science techniques, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence will be exploited. The developed algorithms will be general in nature and can be utilised broadly in the metrological community in general where such analytical techniques are beginning to emerge.