Impact on relevant standards

The earliest impact of the project on standards will be at the level of sampling (EN ISO 18135:2017) as well as the determination of moisture (EN ISO 18134:2015-1,2 and ISO 12937:2000), ash (EN ISO 18122:2017), impurities (EN 14107:2003, EN 14108:2003, EN 14109:2003 and EN 14105:2003) and calorific value (EN ISO 18125:2017). Information will be provided to the relevant standardisation groups for the development within the various fields of this project.

Furthermore, there will be impact to CEN TC 19 (gaseous and liquid fuels) and its work programme and CEN TC 335 (solid biofuels) progress work. In addition, it is expected that there will be impact to the standards under responsibility of ISO/TC 28/SC7 technical committee of liquid biofuels and of ISO/TC 238 technical committee of solid biofuels. In both cases the outcome of the project will be presented directly to the committees to ensure integration of the project results and guidelines in future versions of the standards.

The project will develop a reference material for solid biofuels which will supply a quality control material for verification of methods for determining the calorific value of solid biofuels according to ISO 18125 standard.